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Busselton man Patrick Deeker praised the work of the cops after his home was invaded on Saturday night.
Camera IconBusselton man Patrick Deeker praised the work of the cops after his home was invaded on Saturday night. Credit: Catherine Massey/Busselton Dunsborough Times

A terrifying home invasion at the weekend has sparked a warning for the Capes community to be particularly vigilant with home security this summer.

Busselton man Patrick Deeker was assaulted in his home about 8.30pm on Saturday after he left his front door unlocked and met a stranger face-to-face.

“A friend and I were sitting at my house and watching TV and all of a sudden the front door flung open and this man walked into my home,” he said. “I got up to shield my friend and the man started screaming at us and asking for some chick before he walked over and punched me in the face.”

The 41-year-old reportedly tried to reason with the home invader before he was threatened with an extension bar.

“I’ve been around the block enough to know when someone is off their face on drugs and high,” he said.

“It wasn’t alcohol, you could just tell — his eyes really scared me.”

A man was taken into police custody on the same night and Mr Deeker, pictured, said he should be sent to jail for the offence.

“He has already hit me for no reason,” he said.

“I didn’t know him and I didn’t provoke him. Who knows what he could do to someone else?”

Mr Deeker lives just 200m from the Busselton CBD and never thought he would be the victim of a home invasion.

“You get complacent, and now I’m scared in my own home.

“I get up at every noise I hear and have something by my bed in case someone comes in,” he said. “I don’t feel safe where I am, I never felt scared walking around the street and now I don’t feel comfortable even leaving the yard.”

The Busselton resident praised the police for their prompt arrival and swift actions.

“I urge people to ... please take home security seriously — lock your front doors,” he said. “The days of leaving our front doors open are long gone.”

South West crime prevention officer Sen. Const Neale Horsley said it was important the Capes community kept their houses secured at all times to prevent a home invasion.

“Things like keeping security doors locked is very important, especially the back doors,” Sen. Const Horsley said. “Perpetrators tend to jump fences.

“It is also a good idea to make your home noticeable to your neighbours by trimming trees and bushes, and to implement things like deadlocks and sensor lights.”

He warned the summer period was no time for residents to be complacent and said crooks and home invaders did not take holidays.

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