Letter to the editor: City of Busselton is going against its own in performing arts hub push

Busselton Dunsborough Times
The proposed Busselton Perfoming Arts Centre for the end of Queen Street.
Camera IconThe proposed Busselton Perfoming Arts Centre for the end of Queen Street.

Once again, the City of Busselton has gone against its own announcement. This time to not proceed with building this contentious project the performing arts centre if it comes in well over budget.

The council rejected all tenders for the $37 million build because of the $13m cost blowout, and yet it is now conducting a survey for the community to decide the next course of action.

I find it alarming the City needs to consult with teens as young as 14.

How can young people be relied upon to make an informed decision for their future, not knowing what their needs will be, as well as it not being their own money to spend?

In summary, the council rejected the tenders due to a large cost blowout but still steams ahead misleading the community with dollar figures, as well as opening consultation with minors.

Do not be fooled by the survey information sheet showing the rate increases. The actual rate increases are $98 for option A and $88 for option B, which is information from the City’s finance department.

This is all to achieve an outcome the City desires, which is to build a state-of-the-art facility which appears to be ego-driven and will burden the ratepayers with its cost and its running cost loss for years to come.

The City of Busselton should take a long, hard look at itself as this is not common sense in any financial climate.

Our councillors should be deciding, as representatives of our community, to build a reasonably sized performing arts centre to suit the community’s needs.

They should be deciding not to build a conference centre to accommodate the few events we could count on one hand, nor to appease the Hilton Hotel.

Unfortunately, regardless of what the majority percentage is for the three options, the City will decide the outcome.

Norma Simms, Busselton

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