Libs driven to remove classic car red tape

Catherine MasseyBusselton Dunsborough Times
George Morrissey, Frank Sutton, Colin Harris and Vasse MLA Libby Mettam are unhappy with new red tape placed on the use of vintage cars.
Camera IconGeorge Morrissey, Frank Sutton, Colin Harris and Vasse MLA Libby Mettam are unhappy with new red tape placed on the use of vintage cars. Credit: Catherine Massey

Shadow transport minister and Deputy Opposition Leader Libby Mettam says if elected the Liberal Party will repeal “unnecessary” new legislation forced on vintage-car owners.

The State Government’s proposed new registration concession for classic and unmodified cars, which are more than 30 years old, is set to prevent vintage-vehicle owners from driving their vehicles for more than 90 days every year.

Ms Mettam said the changes were unnecessary and took the joy out of a popular hobby.

“To ... say to these members, you have run out of days you can’t drive your cars, they must now be garaged for the rest of the year, is ridiculous,” she said.

“These clubs are an important part of the community, with many running social rallies to fundraise for charities and there is fair concern they won’t able to manage multi-car club events due to the new reporting regulations.”

The 90 driving days every year is made up of 60 club-authorised days and 30 private-use days, including test runs.

A significant part of the proposed limitations means vintage- car club members will also be required to report each individual car’s usage against their allocated club days.

Ms Mettam said forcing vintage-car club members to undertake “onerous registration” and restricting when they can drive was “red tape for the sake of red tape”.

While the member for Vasse was in support of the changes for classic car owners, she said a review was needed to reflect veteran car owners.

“If elected, the Liberal party will act swiftly to ensure these nonsense changes are reversed so that these vehicles, which are an important part of our history, continue to be preserved and enjoyed for generations to come.”

Veteran Car Club of WA’s Busselton Branch secretary Russell Chinnery said the Government should leave the legislation as it was for the past 56 years.

“We don’t mind the 90 days of club use and private use, the main problem is the way they wanted it recorded,” he said.

“It’s much too onerous to expect the club’s to record the movements of all the vehicles,” he said.

Mr Chinnery said the club would prefer a log book system with each owner responsible for recording their own vehicle movements.

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