Meelup Beach behaviour praised

Pierra WillixBusselton Dunsborough Times

The City of Busselton has praised the behaviour of those who took to Meelup beaches on Boxing Day.

Last year the City issued a statement outlining steps planned to ensure a family-friendly atmosphere at the beach and sent a message to those celebrating that there would be no tolerance of antisocial behaviour.

City acting chief executive Cliff Frewing this week said City rangers and emergency service officers had reported there were no large gatherings, rather groups of families enjoying the beach.

Mr Frewing said there was general litter left on the beach by beachgoers despite additional bins being provided.

“This was not nearly as bad as this time last year, where there was a clear disregard for disposing of rubbish responsibly,” he said.

“City officers acted quickly to remove the rubbish.”

The City of Busselton received numerous complaints after a “tinnie tie-up” event at Castle Rock Beach on December 26, 2015, after which a large amount of litter was left behind.

Photos on social media showed crowds at Castle Rock Beach on Boxing Day again in 2016, however the City said it was not aware, or had not received any reports of, an organised event this year.

Mr Frewing said traffic management was set up to restrict access into Meelup Beach and Castle Rock Beach, with parking at these beaches limited to the designated parking areas only.

“The vast majority of people turned away at the traffic control points took the news quite well and generally understood the necessity for it,” he said.

“This is required to ensure emergency services vehicles have access to these areas in an emergency and to prevent damage to native vegetation.

“Patrons in the park were generally well behaved and no infringements were issued.”

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