Naturaliste Terrace works on hold

Jackson Lavell-LeeBusselton Dunsborough Times

Plans to revitalise Dunsborough’s Naturaliste Terrace have been put on hold by the City of Busselton because of conflicting feedback.

Public consultation over stage six of the Dunsborough Townscape Works failed to provide a clear preference on the strip’s design from the town’s residents and business owners.

The two options that divided popular opinion were Option A, which included maximum opportunities for alfresco dining and feature gardens but reduced parking by 19 bays, and Option C, which had significantly less garden area but a growth of seven parking bays.

The works will be delayed until next financial year.

The decision was greeted with frustration by terrace businesses.

Bayside Burger Bar director Matt Jenkinson said he was disappointed with the lack of leadership from the City of Busselton.

“You’re never going to get complete public support, but from discussions with my neighbours we prefer more greenery out the front of shops but not in the median strip,” he said. Mr Jenkinson said other businesses benefited from previous stages of the works and the delay left those on Naturaliste Terrace at a “significant disadvantage”.

City of Busselton Mayor Grant Henley said as stage six focused on the commercial heart of Dunsborough’s CBD, it would have significant bearing on the form and functionality of the town centre.

For this reason, Mr Henley said the City wanted to ensure the plan had popular support before progressing further.

Artezen director Ryan Haigh said he wrote supporting Option C.

“I think the general public want less congestion in the town centre and more parking but it’s not a big space,” he said.

“Commercially it’s not viable, you can’t take parking away without seeing where more parking is going. I don’t see the point in more gardens in the median strip — it should be car bays.”

The transformation of Dunsborough’s town centre has taken place over the past few years, with stages one to five already completed.

Stages one to five involved the revitalisation of Lions Park, the realignment of Seymour Boulevard to improve vehicle and pedestrian access, increased car parking by around 80 bays and significant greening of the central area.

Stage six works focus on the area between the roundabout on Dunn Bay Road/Naturaliste Terrace and Cyrillean Way.

City of Busselton planning and development officer Paul Needham said the City would revisit designs to ensure the right mix.

A spokeswoman for the Dunsborough Progress Association welcomed the delay if it meant an alternative that addressed the entire town centre was agreed on.

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