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A blood donor list with a twist, Vasse Vets runs a unique transfusion service for dogs in need.

The ‘doggo donor bank’ was created by Vasse Vets three years ago and involves an extensive list of canines suitable to donate blood.

Without the necessary equipment to store blood, Vasse Vets urged local dog owners to sign up their pets and help save lives.

Veterinary surgeon Dr Helen Fitzpatrick said the transfusions have saved dogs suffering from a variety of ailments.

“Mostly they’re suffering from poisoning from rat bait, otherwise it’s anaemia, a cancerous condition or even severe trauma,” she said.

According to Dr Fitzpatrick, suitable dogs need to be between one and eight years old, weigh over 25kg and be up-to-date with all vaccinations.

The transfusion process takes 20 to 30 minutes, during which time dogs are clipped, cleaned and injected with local anaesthetic.

After blood collection, the dog is given a meal and tended to, while the owner is given a free bag of dog food and a complimentary health check for their pet.

Dr Fitzpatrick said transfusions not only benefit the dogs in need, but donor and owner as well.

“People end up being proud of their four-legged friend, it’s the same ethos of people donating blood and feeling good about giving to those that need it,” she said.

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