Sounds to scare corellas

Chloe FraserBusselton Dunsborough Times

Destructive flocks of corellas are causing havoc in Busselton, but the pests will soon be dispersed from key locations with the introduction of the City’s relocation plan.

The rapidly expanding population of corellas has become a major nuisance in the city, causing serious damage to infrastructure and foreshore trees.

City of Busselton environmental officer Will Oldfield said the birds were not native to the South West and were a serious threat to foreshore trees.

“We’re concerned the birds will take the tops off the trees and if that happens they will stop growing and will have to be taken out,” he said.

“So that’s almost 50 years of tree lost.”

To minimise damage, a program will be introduced to disperse the birds by scaring them with noise.

A City spokeswoman said the scaring method was safe for use in public areas but residents would hear a loud report, whistle or scream similar to a small fireworks rocket.

Pet-owners are also being reminded animals including dogs may experience anxiety as a result of the noise and are urged to keep pets inside or avoid areas where treatments are being carried out.

Bird-scaring treatments will begin this month with City staff on-site to warn residents before each treatment.

For more information about the corella management program, contact Environmental Planning Services on 9781 0444.

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