Kids have the answer to age-old question

Busselton Dunsborough Times

It's Valentine’s Day and pre-primary students at Geographe Primary School have offered help answering one of life’s great questions: what is love?

Many students clammed up when asked the difficult question, while others whispered their answers shyly, suggesting love is not simple at any age.

“Like your mum and dad and love for your cousins,” said five-year-old April Harris.

“(They) love me lots. When my mummy and daddy go I give them a hug and a kiss and a high five.”

Caitlyn Butler, 5, offered a more straightforward definition of love.

“When you give people presents,” she said.

Physical descriptions of love were common, with Chadia Devlin, 4, saying love was “hugging somebody”.

Four-year-old Philip Bell whispered that love was “when you kiss someone”.

But Bon Freeman, 4, gave an answer beyond his years. “Love is caring for others,” he said.

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