Three boats disappear from their moorings

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Sarah IsonBusselton Dunsborough Times

Two more boats have disappeared from their moorings over the past week, prompting police to reach out to the public for information.

A 5.25m Stacer Seamaster went missing last week, the Times reported, quickly followed by the disappearance of a similar boat from Abbey on Saturday and another from Broadwater on Monday.

Busselton police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Jason Van der Ende said police had no way of knowing if the boats had been stolen or had drifted from their moorings, but officers were prepared for either outcome.

“We’ve had boats from the area go missing and two years later show up on the coast of South Africa,” he said.

“These recent disappearances could just be a matter of boats coming off their mooring, but they could also just as likely be stolen, so we’re keeping an eye out for all of them.”

Police asked boat owners to ensure their boats were properly secured and keys were not left in them. Anyone with information is asked to call the Busselton Police Station.

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