Vasse residents take lead on Kealy clean-up

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Vasse residents fed up with litter blown across the Kealy Estate are taking matters into their own hands, organising a clean-up day this weekend.

Living in the estate for the past two years, Debby Westell said she was “very angry that people don’t care enough about where they live” to dispose of litter correctly, and was especially outraged after finding beer bottles and cans on the nearby cricket pitch last weekend.

“We do live in a very windy area where everything gets blown about and it can be hard to know who is doing it and where,” she said.

“But when you find things like that (empty beer bottles) the wind has nothing to do with it, it’s just people who have sat there and then just left everything.”

Ms Westell said she hoped organising the clean-up would bring the issue into focus for more residents and reinforce positive behaviour in children.

“We want kids to see us cleaning up and learn from example,” she said.

Hanson Property Group sales and business development manager Zara Newman said, as a landowner, Hanson had an extensive maintenance program during development to keep public spaces clean but it relied on residents caring for the space as well.

“We have people regularly coming into spaces like the nature playground to make sure there’s no litter,” she said. “But we can’t be everywhere at once (and) ... we’re excited about the community coming together to care for the spaces and keep the area clean.”

Ms Westell suggested more bins in the area to make disposing of litter even easier for residents.

Six clean-up sites will be targeted this Sunday after participants meet at 10am at the nature playground, and a sausage sizzle will be provided to finish the morning.

For more information, search for Clean up Kealy on Facebook.

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